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Jay Weinstein: Sunshine needed on Tenderfoot

Jay Weinstein
Dillon, CO Colorado

Reference is made to Mr. Wray’s letter to the editor of the SDN. Mr. Wray brought some interesting points to our attention. The point of “where were we when the master plan was formulated.” Very simple, this was done behind close doors with no “sunshine” on these issues. If it was not for Bob Berwyn bringing the trail expansion to the citizens’ attention, Summit County Off-Road Riders and the Forest Service would have scored big time, wasting taxpayers money and creating a very unwanted and unneeded expansion of off road rider trails.

They, SCORR and the Forest Service wanted to keep this expansion plan in the closet because they knew there would be an outcry by the affected parties as we have witnessed over the past several months. Exposure and sunshine has had a very positive effect on educating the community about this trail expansion. You would think the Forest Service would be concerned about further destruction of our forest and take a leadership role in saying we need to be fiscally responsible and this proposal is a waste of taxpayers money.

Other concerns Mr. Wray fails to mention is the close proximity of trails to homeowners, animal habitat, increase of trash, fire danger and safety. As Mr. Wray says, there is plenty of room for everyone to enjoy themselves here in Summit County, there are a large number of miles for off-road riders at present, so let’s enjoy what is already available and keep Tenderfoot pristine and improve Oro Grande by eliminating off road riders.

Again, it is very perplexing to us as to why the Forest Service remains deaf to the crescendo of “No’s” by the Town of Dillon, the Summit County Commission and the Snake River Planning Commission. Is this branch of government, the U.S. Forest Service, forgetting that we have new leadership in Washington that transparency and accountability to the citizens and taxpayers is foremost?

The ‘Me First” quote is probably correct, because we are putting our natural resources at the forefront of concern and at the same time we must disabuse the Forest Service that this expansion is best for all 300 million Americans.

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