Jere Burrell: Hidden Gems and big oil genocide |

Jere Burrell: Hidden Gems and big oil genocide

The Hidden Gems seem to be targeting sensitive areas known to have OHV misuse and abuse leading to some locally deteriorating ecosystems. As suddenly apparent as the devastation in the Gulf of Mexico is, the slow destruction of vital wilderness areas is more gradual. Maybe we should be demanding money from big oil to repair our OHV-ruined lands. Maybe we should let big oil continue risking planetary human health. What kind of people really oppose protecting the environment? It’s a basic human instinct to preserve oneself, and without the earth’s current climate none of us would survive. This is not a civil liberty issue at all – people can still ride OHV’s. These are privileges that are in question because of a group’s lack of concern and responsibility. The Hidden Gems is not a totalitarian world dominator, taking out any recreational group in their path. I hardly think genocide is a rational comparison. I’m interested in what part of the Constitution includes spinning your tires, flinging sage grouse, exhaust-choking bald eagles with screaming engines and rattling beer cans scaring off lynx. But if Honda, Kawasaki or Chrysler came with wallets and purses open wanting to buy into our national forest and develop an OHV resort with lodging and restaurants, they might be able to do that. We citizens of Summit County and further residents of Colorado and even further all Americans stand up and voice your opinion to help dictate new rules and regulations on irresponsible oil drilling, on irresponsible weapons use, irresponsible use of bailouts, on irresponsible national forest use.

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