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Jim Bobalek: Stop blaming Bush

Jim Bobalek
Silver Plume

This writer did not read Mr. Pacot’s letter, but did read the ignorance-based letter of a W. Gerald Bird, Jr., Feb. 12. Probably most of those emotion-driven people who voted for Obama weren’t even born when Carter signed the Community Redevelopment Act of 1977, or acknowledge Clinton’s embellishment upon same. Only liberals would think it a good thing for people, without credit, without a downpayment, and no visible way of sustaining a mortgage, to receive a loan. The genesis of the snowball gaining mass and speed, as it tumbles downhill, was with the “Dems.” As the initial loans were bundled, sold and pushed upwards to “Wall Street,” our current economic crisis intensified. For multiple decades those, like Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, and yes, Obama and his associates, took personal advantage of and perpetuated Fannie and Freddie, etc.

To Mr. Bird and similar folks, get over blaming Bush. Any simple-minded person, who can’t sequence thoughts, facts, history, and believes the mainstream media, (another topic), will come to such simple conclusions.

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