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Jim Braun: The role of moderates

Jim Braun
Summit Cove

In response to Don Daigle’s letter to the SDN editor on Sept. 26 in which he questions whether or not Alex Miller is a moderate, I submit that that has little to do with the intent of Mr. Miller’s Sept. 24 column. True, Mr. Miller talks about how few letters to the editor are submitted by moderates, but the point of his article is to elicit more participation in civil conversation about our country’s issues by those of us who see ourselves as too busy to do so. His efforts are well-intended and should motivate ordinary folks to speak out more frequently. Not everyone is comfortable with public exposure of their views like a letter to the editor, but we all have a responsibility as citizens to discuss important issues with our friends and neighbors and to become informed as much as possible before heading to the voting booth.

My suggestion to the Summit Daily would be to print thoughtful, well-researched opposing views on such topics as whether government stimulus spending or tax cuts for our wealthiest citizens are more likely to increase the number of decent jobs in this country. Or, how about a discussion of various proposals for addressing our health insurance mess. Such articles might start folks talking among themselves and make them better informed prior to the election. I believe that our newspapers can serve a vital role in our future by trying to stimulate conversations among all of us that vote.