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Jim Cowles: Glenn Beck is OK

It is amazing the effect that the name Glenn Beck has on some people, particularly those in Summit County. I actually laugh when I think about the reactions one gets from mentioning that name. On a few occasions, recently, someone who I was near said that he is an idiot. Another said he was hateful. In both cases, I asked these people if they has actually seen his program. Both said no. So I asked them how they knew what he was if they did not watch his program? They indicated that others had given them that information. With that, I thought about some of his programs that I did watch. He talked about the Founding Fathers of this country, and the Constitution. He talked about the basic freedoms that they wanted for this country. He talked about faith, hope and charity. He also has been critical of the direction that this country is being taken (socialism), and the measures being used to accomplish that change of direction.

It is very interesting to note how angry some get at the mention of these subjects. In this country we are Americans – well most of us – and yet some do not like people mentioning the Constitution or the Founding Fathers. Worse, some do not even know what or who they are. We grew up with a freedom that most of the world does not have. Yet, some want us to adopt principals found in Greece, England, France and other European countries. That is interesting because there are a lot of economic problems in those countries right now. Look at Greece today. Riots. We fought a war at the start of our country that was based on excessive taxes. We wanted the freedom to do what we wanted to improve our lives, and had the most dynamic economy in the world. But when someone like Glenn Beck mentions things like this, he is called names and worse. And, it appears, by people who do not even know what his voice sounds like. Where do they get their information? Friends? College professors? The mainstream media? The Democratic party? If you have not obtained the information yourself, first hand, how can you make an informed decision? If you can not make an informed decision, how can you make an informed vote?

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