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Jim Cowles: Happy Obama Day

Jim Cowles
Breckenridge, CO Colorado

On Inauguration Day, I was at the bank and, as I was leaving, I held the door for a woman whose only comment to me was “Happy Obama Day.” She caused me to think about what this new president was going to do, and what effect he would have on the country. He said that this would be an open, honest administration. He said that he would be bi-partisan, and that the security of the country was important. He said that members of the military were important, and should be appreciated. “Change” was the main theme of his campaign. What this meant was not made clear during the election.

The first item of business was to appoint advisors and a cabinet. Immediately it came to light that the Treasury Secretary nominee had been a tax cheater, and hired an illegal. This is the man who will be in charge of the IRS. Many Democrats said that this should be overlooked because he was smart. Later, another nominee, a former senator, also had problems paying his taxes. This was the nominee for the Health and Welfare Secretary. Again, we were told to overlook this. However, he was later dropped. The nominee for the CIA Director violated everything that had been policy. If these had been Republicans, what would have been the reaction?

Then, the new president announced the closing of Guantanamo in a year. However, no plan for dealing with the terrorists there was ever mentioned. As of this date, 62 of those released earlier have gone back to al-Qaida, and have again been fighting against American forces. Those detainees still at Gitmo should not be placed on American soil anywhere. The Constitution is for American Citizens, not for foreign terrorists trying to kill Americans. Any fifth grader should know this.

This President, supported by a willing media, has pushed a program of scare tactics that have had a terrible effect on the economy. Many are afraid to live their lives as normal. If people are made to believe they are in a bad way, many policies that the president wants may come to pass. So now I want to say to you, “Happy Obama Day.” I wonder if those who voted for Obama really liked him, or just hated President Bush? Maybe we are beginning to see what change means.

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