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Jim Cowles: Scanlan=more of the same

Jim Cowles

Vikki Cook wrote a letter last week stating that a vote for Debra Irvine was a pro business vote. She ought to know. She and her husband run a business in the county. They, like other business, feel it when bad decisions are made by State representatives. Chrstine Scanlan voted for the late night fee hikes and taxes promoted by the governor. You already know how he stands about taxes, and supporting business. As I understand it, the bills I am referring to were voted on at night and then released to the public on Friday afternoon. Is Scanlan, who supported this tactic, the type of person you want at this time in the state government? If you are happy with all that has been going on in the state and the country, then you will want to vote for someone like Scanlan. But, if you are like most people, who are not pleased, you will not vote for her. All that she will mean is more of the same.

If there was an important time to vote, it is now. But first, look at the issues. Know what the candidates stand for. We need to lower the costs of living for all of us. Some things, we cannot afford. Just like you and I, the governments at all levels need to spend only what is needed and not get caught up in nice-to-have items. Over and over again, I hear raising taxes is only going to affect the rich. Who defines the rich? Government? By the way, who creates the jobs that we are looking for? Probably the rich again. If they are heavily taxed, what happens to those jobs? Do we want honesty and integrity in our representatives? Scanlan’s late night vote brings that in to question. Transparency is a term that has been used lately. Does Scanlan’s vote show that? Does the candidate who you are considering show these qualities?

So now it is up to you. Do you know what the candidates are like, or you just going with the flow and ignore the facts?

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