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Jim Cowles: Why are we bombing Libya?

The recent attacks on Libya have me wondering a lot. Why are we doing this? The president and his key staff members have said we are doing it to protect the civilians in Libya. If that is the case, then why have we not attacked Iran and Yemen? They have killed protesters also. What about Somalia? The pirates from there have killed Americans. What is the actual mission we have in Libya? Is it to oust Gadhafi? Various spokesmen for the White House have said different things about that. “No we do not want to get rid of Gadhafi.” “Yes, we do want to get of Gadhafi.” “We just want to protect the innocent civilians.”

So with all this, what is the actual goal? Do we have one? As for the “innocent” civilians – Are they the same ones who cheered when the airplane was bombed over Lockerbie and after 9/11? The ones who danced in the streets? Who would take over from Gadhafi if he departs? Do we know that? Would they be better or worse than what we have now with Gadhafi? Now, we have lost one airplane over Libya. The crew was rescued safely. However, what happens if there is a next time? Are we going to lose Americans supporting a nebulous goal?

I do not understand why the media has not focused on these questions. As ethical journalists they should have been reporting on this. But, these reporters of the news have chosen not to do this. Why? If Bush had done this, there would have been a firestorm from the media.

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