Joan Hemmer: Vote ‘yes’ for Park County schools |

Joan Hemmer: Vote ‘yes’ for Park County schools

Joan Hemmer

If you live in Park County, please vote Yes on Referendum 3A in November. Park RE-2 Schools’ “BEST Opportunity” is one of the most unique and worthwhile projects in the state. This initiative is an opportunity to build for now and for the future that comes only once. With the passage of Referendum 3A, the state will fund 50 percent, or $15 million, of the proposed replacement and re-construction of the K-12 facilities. All that is needed now is for the citizens to turn out and vote for the bond issue which will fund the other one-half of the cost. To call this a bargain and a rare chance to actually improve an excellent local school district is an understatement.

The parents, residents, staffs and business owners in Fairplay, Alma, Lake George and throughout Park County who have brought this initiative to fruition are some of the hardest-working, committed and dedicated citizens who are supporting the Park County RE-2 schools. Their planning is thorough and complete, their efforts more than commendable, and now they need everyone’s support.

The vote in November to secure this project will ask for sacrifice in times of widespread economic distress for families. However, it will produce finished buildings in a very short time for today’s students and tomorrow’s learners as well. The improvements and accomplishments of the school district will be reflected in attitudes towards education, achievement, balanced lives and future growth. No partisanship is involved. This plan offers sturdy and energy-efficient buildings, good environments for learning and support for families and staff. It also assures continuation of what is already an outstanding curriculum and learning experience for the children of South Park.

Please exercise your upcoming vote and, if needed, register to vote by Oct. 5.