JoAnn Shepherd: Liberal is the way to go |

JoAnn Shepherd: Liberal is the way to go

JoAnn Shepherd

I an proud of being a liberal – A word conservatives consider repugnant. Radical conservatives typically make nonsensical statements that seem to be making a point, but are nothing more than vague and angry assertions, unsupported by facts. The tea party pride themselves on being Christians. How Christian is it to invade other countries (mostly oil countries) and yet want to cut all programs for the poor and middle class?

Republicans constantly call Dems the party of big spenders. How can they ignore the fact that President Bush -after inheriting a budget surplus – left office with a $12 trillion deficit, spending more than any president in history? His financial support came from those who benefited most directly from the $1.7 trillion worth of tax cuts he engineered. People with incomes over $1 million received the biggest cut. The pharmaceutical industry invested more than $50 million to help Republicans gain control of Congress.

It saddens me that we are the only Westernized Country that doesn’t have health care for its people. We continue to spend $10 billion a month on Afghanistan and Iraq. Defense analysts say the Pentagon could be spending $100,000 a day in Libya. The military budget is the highest percentage of our budget. Bush tax cuts raised our deficit the highest of any president, cutting programs for the neediest Americans.

SDN columnist Morgan Liddick praises Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget plan: Federal outlays should not exceed 18 percent of the GDP, which would limit federal spending to the law of 1956 – how realistic is that?

I have to ask the Summit Daily: How much longer do we have to see Morgan Liddick’s extreme and irresponsible ranting in print?

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