John Fanning: No comparison! |

John Fanning: No comparison!

John Fanning,

Re. “Stop comparing Paul Ryan to Sarah Palin” by Tina Dupuy, Aug. 18

Tina Dupuy, in her Saturday editorial, took shots at two Conservative women, Sarah Palin and Michele Bachman, and while doing so, took several at Romney’s Vice President pick, Paul Ryan.

Why is it liberal women cannot wait to pen negative and demeaning comments about Conservative women? It appears it is in their DNA! They just can’t help themselves. And of course, whipping out the “Palin” name, while so tiring and boring, seems to be their way of feeding red meat to their liberal audience, such as it is.

More importantly, however, was her attempt to compare Paul Ryan with Michele Bachman, as if the two represented an impending plague. A rather feeble attempt I might add!

I sent Ms. Dupuy an email, as it appeared she welcomed comments from readers. I asked her who would be her comparison to Joe Biden? I received a “canned” response having nothing to do with the question. Apparently Ms Dupuy goes into hiding following the publication of one of her editorials. Can’t say I blame her!

Think about it! Which buffoon would you compare him with? Seriously, after watching his so called performance during this term, would you really want Joe Biden to assume the highest office in the land? Are you really comfortable with him being next in line for the presidency? This would be reason enough to not vote for Obama. Joe Biden next in line! Many said Palin was not ready, and I must say I agreed. But Joe Biden!!

Some say Joe will call in sick just before his debate with Paul Ryan. Might be the smartest thing he has done.

Paul Ryan or Joe Biden? No comparison!

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