John Fanning: Obama won’t lose in 2012 but America will |

John Fanning: Obama won’t lose in 2012 but America will

John Fanning

You cannot imagine how difficult it is for me to write this commentary having come to the stark realization that Obama won’t lose the election in 2012. It doesn’t matter who runs against him. The Republicans have a very knowledgeable and qualified field of candidates. All of them, except two, are more qualified to lead this country than he was, is, or ever will be. However, he is a shoe-in!

Yes, the citizens, and probably many who are not, will cast their votes for the most arrogant, incompetent congenital liar, and one who has inflicted one failed policy after another on this country. He will be given the opportunity to further damage this great nation.

One, he is the incumbent. Ask yourself, how many incumbents have lost re-election?

There have only been four, Carter, George H. W. Bush, William Taft, and Gerald Ford. Obama as the incumbent owns the “bully” pulpit paid for with our tax money. One could argue the speech he gave to the joint session of Congress on September 8 to introduce his American Jobs Act was the kick off of his campaign for re-election in 2012. One could make the case the trips following this speech into primarily Republican districts were political rather than policy. Whatever the case, all is paid for with taxpayer dollars.

Two, he does not have to participate in a primary. Over the past two decades, no sitting president has been challenged by another candidate from his own party.

Three, Obama has delivered health care to millions of people (voters), and had Osama bin Laden shot in the head.

Four, he has the unions in his hip pocket, and they have him in theirs.

Five, he has the black vote, probably over 90 percent.

Six, he most likely will have the majority of the Hispanic community.

Seven, he has a complicit media. One could refer to most of it as “state run.” I could cite many instances of where the media is covering for and pulling for him. It began three years ago. ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and his flagship MSNBC could be viewed as “state run.” Liberals love to cite FOX as right wing. Even if they were, they are but a drop in the viewer puddle.

Eight, many in America are proud they elected the first person of color to the highest office in the land. Many will overlook his dismal performance, his lack of understanding America’s exceptionalism, and his total incompetence, and the chip on his shoulder regarding our great country, and vote for him again.

You may be wondering, what if the economy does not improve? Oh but it will! Any improvement will be credited to Mr. Obama. His complicit media will see to it. And remember, our country is resilient. The economy will get better no matter what he does or doesn’t do. The timing of an improvement could not be better for him. Fourteen months is a long time.

For the sake of our nation, our children, and our grandchildren, please tell me I am wrong.

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