John Fanning: Reasons to be scared of Sarah |

John Fanning: Reasons to be scared of Sarah

John Fanning

Why do the “beautiful” people of the mainstream media hate Sarah Palin so much that they accept anything from the left-wing bloggers and allow it, and for that matter, embellish it as it flows freely out of their mouths and in print? The maintream media is being fed by, the Daily KOS, and many others whose agenda is to discredit anybody who might get in the way of the Obama coronation.

Let’s face it, they are scared of her. The letter in the Summit Daily on Sept. 2 from Kathy Bennett reflects this as she echoes all that which flows from the “pampered poodles” of the elite media who loathe Sarah so much. As I read Ms. Bennett’s letter, I was hoping to read one small expression of compassion for Sarah Palin as they both share the challenges associated with raising a child with Down Syndrone. But no, echoing lies about a Republican candidate was more important and OK. It is called “vetting.” Printing the truth about liberals is called “Swift boating.” Obviously, Ms Bennet does not agree with Sarah Palin’s ideology. She would love to see a woman in the White House, just not one who is a conservative. Why not just say this and cut out the lies, deceit and personal attacks?

The naysayers run the gamut of the political and personal spectrum from A-Z. Sarah Palin is a heretic on everything they gullibly believe. No mention is made that she has an 80-percent approval rating by her constituents after over a year-and-a-half as governor of Alaska. Is there any other elected official that anyone knows of who has this kind of approval rating after being in office for over a year? She has to be doing something right, don’t you think?

The Daily KOS, a hate-filled blog;, financed by George Soros; the mainstream media, who few disagree are in the tank for Obama; and the Obama campaign are scared of Sarah Palin. With her credentials, her ability to connect with the American people (except liberals), her oratory skills and her charm and grace, she has changed the dynamics of this political season ” and they have reason to be scared.

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