John Fanning: Sharing an epiphany on Obama-care |

John Fanning: Sharing an epiphany on Obama-care

John Fanning

As I watched and listened to the Healthcare Summit, I had an epiphany. To see and witness the brilliance of our elected representatives, all in one room, was overpowering. It was a stunning display of our government at work, and frankly, I had a conversion. I thought to myself, how can I and so many others be so wrong, so stupid, so out of touch? Why in heavens name are those mobsters, racists, and terrorists, known as the tea party movement, seeking to disrupt the passage of a piece of legislation that will transform the world we live in, save our economy, and provide the best health care in the world to an additional 31 million people with no increase in our deficit or debt?

The Republicans should be ashamed of themselves. Imagine, suggesting to scrap this masterpiece, a 2,400-page document very few have read and less can understand, and solve the problems with our current system a step at a time. Speaker Pelosi sure helped me understand why this was not possible when she talked about the “itsy bitsy spider.” Only Speaker Pelosi could explain it so well for those of us who are mere “astro turf.” Thank goodness she is available to become our president if something happens to Obama and Biden. Talent like hers doesn’t come around often.

Several other things the party of NO did which were time consuming and unnecessary. They suggested our country was heading into bankruptcy and that this bill would cost us over $2 trillion. They also offered some alternatives which were ridiculous. Mr. Obama was right to demean several of them, especially John McCain. How dare McCain remind the president of campaign promises! Campaign promises shouldn’t mean anything once one is elected.

Anyway, it really makes no sense to consider the 82 percent of us who are happy with the insurance we now have. It makes more sense to overturn the whole system. From this meeting, we were assured that we can insure 31 million people without any additional taxes or fees for those of us who make under $250,000. The taxes and fees begin immediately while it will be 3-4 years before anybody gets any benefits. The uninformed would call this voodoo economics. What a stroke of genius! Forget the fact the Bush tax cuts are being allowed to expire and we will all have increases. This, after all, is Bush’s fault. I say soak those greedy rich! Those of us with insurance now can expect our premiums to go down and our heath care services to improve. And, according to the president, words out of his own mouth, “if you like the insurance and doctors you currently have, nothing will change.” Was this said during the campaign? I can’t remember.

And the villains, those greedy insurance companies, must accept those with pre-existing conditions. WOW! I hope this regulation will extend to those who insure my car and home. I would not have to have insurance until I had an accident or until my home is on fire. Talk about savings! And, a government commission will regulate how much the villains can charge in premiums. Sounds like a function just made for government bureaucrats.

No increase in the debt or deficit, and even a surplus in the next 10 years of $100 billion. All paid for by the greedy rich people who make over $250,000 a year, the insurance companies, and $500 billion savings from Medicare fraud and Medicare Advantage programs. No decrease in services. No doctors or other health providers will refuse Medicare patients even though their fees will be cut significantly. Small business owners will not be affected, and in fact, they will benefit. Since I don’t make over $250,000 dollars and over 40 percent of workers do not pay any federal income tax, this is one heck of a deal. We use to refer to this type of deal as a “free lunch.” Um-Um good!

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