John Fanning: Social democracy? No, thanks |

John Fanning: Social democracy? No, thanks

John Fanning

Bob Berwyn in his opinion commentary July 20 (“Social democracy a worthy goal”) states he has never really understood “the knee-jerk reaction against economic and political policies that modestly seek to create some level of economic parity.” I respectfully ask Mr. Berwyn to define “modestly” and define who is going to determine the level of economic parity?

Mr. Berwyn, you reference Germany as one of your utopian models. My wife and I returned from Germany a few weeks ago. She was born there during the war. Germany has an unemployment rate of over 8 percent. Over the years, this number has become the norm. Taxes on individuals are in the 60 percent range. I talked to several store owners who shared the fact they work close to seven months a year for the government. They also said health care costs are rising dramatically and rationing is taking place. Long waits are the norm for elective surgery. Yes Mr. Berwyn they do have a “cradle to grave” social democracy but pay a huge price for it.

You are correct Mr. Berwyn when you day we are the richest nation in the world. However what you failed to note is we did not get in this position with social democracy. We got where we are by keeping government out of the way as was intended by our founders when they wrote the Constitution. We got this way by providing an environment where choices can be made; where people are free to be what they want to be; where free enterprise can flourish; where people can spend most of their own money as they choose, and not have it confiscated by the government.

No thanks to your social democracy, Bob Berwyn.

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