John Feather: Bring back Republican moderates |

John Feather: Bring back Republican moderates

John Feather

I do not believe people are afraid of the Tea Party as much as the so-called Republican platform. There was a day when the Republican idea stood for fiscal responsibility and small government. These days it’s the idea the Earth was created 6m000 years ago and yes we are in a new Crusade against the Middle East. The Republican Party has been ransacked about 30 years ago in my opinion, by a group of religious fanatics who stand for what they believe is the moral right and there own personal beliefs. I think because of this is why we are seeing the Tea Party establishment and the so called fear of it by the Republican Party. Its own moderates are making a stand and moderates in general.

The Republican Party of today fears the Tea Party because it does not take in religious belief and it’s moral values, but rather small government and fiscal responsibility instead. Thus the Republican Party of today does not know how to handle it, nor how to respond to it and it’s own strong backing. The Republican Party is rebuilding and there is a need for an intelligent debater who is not afraid to stand up to these folks who hold it hostage. The Republican Party of today needs to be taken back and the Tea Party is the group to start it. Let’s bring back the Republican moderate please!