John Klobasa: Why reveal the name? |

John Klobasa: Why reveal the name?

John Klobasa
Kirkwood, Mo.

I read your July 28 article titled “Breckenridge man arrested for alleged sexual assault.” The reporting of the man’s name brought to mind a case where I defended a young man for rape some years ago. At the time of his arrest, his name was spread all over the news, multiple times. This young man was ultimately cleared. The alleged victim recanted her story and the case was dismissed. The press was not at all interested in publishing the news of the dismissal. The net result was that the press had sullied this young man’s reputation.

In the U.S., criminal defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty. The alleged victim’s identity is always protected, as it should be. Why does the press not also protect the alleged perpetrator’s identity until he has had a fair trial and the presumption of innocence is overcome? Makes sense to me.

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