John M. Kunst, Jr.: Progressive regression? |

John M. Kunst, Jr.: Progressive regression?

John M. Kunst, Jr.
Breckenridge and Cincinnati

To this centrist, Sirota’s attack on Glen Beck could have easily been headlined as “Sirota reveals to us progressivism’s ugly side.” As a 68 year old who still doesn’t know whether he is a Republican or a Democrat, I used to enjoy reading Sirota’s pieces because he rationally explained where progressives were coming from. More recently, however, and especially since Massachusetts, Virginia and New Jersey, Sirota’s pieces have become a blunderbuss of disorganized rants against conservatives who Sirota describes as “ignorant” or “willful ignoramuses.” Moreover, the comparison of Beck to Hitler was not very subtle but most certainly very desperate.

Sirota claims progressives are defending and thereby enhancing “community.” In contrast, he contends that conservatives are following Beck’s “manifesto on the right’s authoritarian objectives.” My question is who has been shoving authoritarian mandates down our throats lately? Obama, Reid, Pelosi and Emanuel, or Beck, O’Reilly, Hannity, Levine and Limbaugh? As a progressive, Sirota suffers from the same malady that infects our current liberal-progressive leadership in Washington who believe that their superior intellect requires that they build a bigger government to which common folk will be beholden and taxed to the nth in order to support it. What progressives don’t seem to understand is that runaway spending will soon bankrupt the greatest nation on earth and its common folk, accustomed to living within their means, are not willing to stand around and wait for that to happen.

What baffles this centrist is how progressives continue to promote big government programs that history has shown do not work. Social Security, Medicare, Freddie and Fannie have all been shamefully managed by Congress and their bureaucratic leadership.

How disheartening it was to hear progressives on the Sunday morning talk shows urging democrats to pass the bill regardless of the political cost to those who will surely be turned out by voters in November if they vote in favor. Their rationale for passage: “Too much has been invested in the preparation of the bill. We need to move on!” Oh really? When was the last time that a commoner adopted a business plan that he knew would lead to his financial ruin and inevitable bankruptcy?

Conservatives are not opposed to health care reform. Nor are they opposed to coverage for pre-existing conditions or targeted regulations that limit insurance company excesses. But, conservatives strongly oppose a government that does not know how to balance its books and continues to spiral into unmanageable debt. When progressives realize this simple fact, we can achieve real health care reform.

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