John M. Kunst, Jr.: We need vigilance |

John M. Kunst, Jr.: We need vigilance

John M. Kunst, Jr.
Breckenridge and Cincinnati

Lately, liberals and progressives can’t defend the devaluation of a prosperous future that has been imposed on all of us by the social engineering legislated by Democrats over the past 20 months. Thus, they resort to a tired refrain: blame it on former President George W. Bush. In an unwarranted leap in logic, Craig attributes Denver Water’s restrictions on the Dam Road to Bush “fear mongering.”

Craig poses three arguments to make his point, all of which are woefully lacking in a logical rationale and, to this writer, frighteningly naive. As for the sneak attack on 9/11, Craig states that the terrorists “killed approximately 3,000 people, not much more than are killed by handguns each month in the United States.” What is the purpose of this comparison? Is it to minimize the fact that terrorists knocked down the two largest buildings in the world and killed 3,000 innocent people in less than two hours, or is it designed to draw attention to a progressive platform for gun control? Either way, the comparison misses the point. When was the last time a nut with a gun killed 3,000 people and knocked down two buildings in a two-hour period?

Next, he claims that by closing the Dam Road, the terrorists have won the battle because our liberty has been taken away from us. Oh really? Since when has vigilance eroded liberty? Argue if you must the validity of the road restrictions, but don’t equate those restrictions to fear mongering or a diminution in liberty. Can anyone really make an argument that the inconvenience of navigating a few yellow pylons is an intrusion on our constitutionally protected liberties? Equating a pylon free bike path to the pursuit of happiness is sophistry.

Finally, and most frighteningly, Craig admits he is not a criminal mastermind, “but it should seem clear that if a terrorist cell really thinks they are going to send shock waves through the American public by attacking our little reservoir …” Hopefully, Craig’s shallow thought processes do not represent the mindset of most of us who have chosen mountain living near a ski resort – the pulsing heart of the entire community. We are a target-rich environment for terrorists. Several terror assessments identify ski resorts as prime targets. Consider what five satchel charges placed on lift supports at five different ski resorts and timed to go off on the same day would do to the worldwide ski industry. The entire industry would close down the next day and remain closed for the rest of the season. The following season would also be in doubt assuming the TSA would not be able to set up screening points at each resort throughout the country. If you think this assessment is pure hooey, take the time your first ski day out this year and count the number of backbacks on the mountain and the number of abandoned ones left inside restaurants.

In these times, vigilance is a virtue, not a trampling on liberty. Islamic extremists have been waging war against “infidels” for centuries and have been very patient in doing so. The mere passage of time since 9/11 is not cause to claim victory while the terrorists wait in the bushes for an opportunity to strike. Sadly for us, Craig’s thought processes open that door.