Johnson: Breckenridge’s bag tax: To pay or not to pay? |

Johnson: Breckenridge’s bag tax: To pay or not to pay?

Robert Johnson

I’ve been trying to decide. Should I pay the new Breckenridge bag tax, or not? After careful consideration I have decided not to pay the bag tax. Here’s my plan: You can simply shift most all your shopping to Frisco, Dillon and Silverthorne. While shopping there you simply take a few extra new plastic bags when you check out. The stores there seem very accommodating and I have already accumulated about 20 new bags in my car. Then, when the rare occasion comes and you find it more convenient for some reason to shop in Breckenridge, you can just use one of your new plastic bags. Next, after a single use, can use the old bag to line your kitchen trash can or pick your dog’s business, or simply throw the used bag away. However, despite your possible irritation over this whole bag tax thing, I do not think you should toss a once-used bag out the window of your car as you pass Breckenridge town hall and/or the homes of the mayor or town council members. That would not be cool.

This is a great plan. Think of its many advantages. First, you pay no bag tax. Second, you avoid Breck’s high sales tax rate. Also, Breckenridge business owners will enjoy more free time as their sales and income decline a little bit. In addition, business owners will enjoy some reduction in their costs associated with the administration of the bag tax. Most importantly, this bag tax solution is easy to do and can be sustained over time; in other words, it’s sustainable.

Robert Johnson, Breckenridge

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