Johnson: VP a thankless dirty job |

Johnson: VP a thankless dirty job

Jeff Johnson,

Re: “Agrees with Mr. McNulty,” letters, David Gray, Aug. 27

Dr.Gray: There is no comparison between Agnew and Biden. Biden is (as are all V.Ps), a hatchet man. He bloodies his hands in order to allow the president to appear “clean”, and “above the fray.” See: Dick Cheney, Al Gore, Dan Quayle etc. Spirow Agnew was a criminal. He was indicted for extortion, fraud, bribery and conspiracy. He ended out pleading guilty to tax evasion, in exchange for resigning the vice presidency. It is not necessary to strain one’s eyes as if “looking at Curiosity on Mars” to see a vast gap between the two. The V.P. of the U.S. will always be a thankless, dirty job;, a job according to John Adams “Not worth a bucket of warm spit”, they must always be the dirty player, the pit bull. But please, let us not confuse hitting below the belt in politics with criminality. I am a political moderate, with no axe to grind in this election, I just want history to be remembered as it was, not through the lens of partisan politics.

My vote this year goes to Iggy Pop.

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