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Join the rest of us

RE: No prayer, then no one-sided ideology (Daily Mail, March 13)Matthew, according to an overwhelming amount of educators and scholars weighing in on the Bennish matter, both cannot help being taught in the same classroom. Geography is not just where a country is on a map, but it’s government, it’s economy, it’s climate, politics and more. Secondly. Mr. Bennish in no way likened Bush to be the racist killer Hitler was; he said there were similarities in speech I believe. Well, take any leader of any country giving the usual patriotic, vitriolic and altruistic speech praising his country and you will find similarities to any leader good or bad. And of course Bush and Hitler did invade two countries without provocation, now didn’t they? Matt, I know you don’t believe Bush invaded Iraq for anything else but the oil, Republicans don’t spend billions on their own country’s well being without whining, let alone democratising another country unless there is something in it for them.I guess Mr Bennish should have said, “Students, let’s take five seconds to review what Mr. Bush has done for this country, aside from making the rich richer, and the rest of this year and beyond to discuss what he has done to it, as it will take 20 to 25 years to straighten out the horrendous mess he has made out of our country and right the many wrongs done to its people. Come on Matt. I know you are a smart guy, so join us in the majority. It is nice to be there for a change.

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