Joint citizenship is the way to deal with terrorism threat |

Joint citizenship is the way to deal with terrorism threat

This past week, the U.S. government upgraded the terrorism alert status to “high/orange,” warning the entire nation of the greater likelihood a terrorist act of some kind is expected to occur by week’s end.

With this unknown threat of where and when this act of terrorism might occur, Americans prepare to brace themselves for the worst-case scenario in what could be a nuclear, biological or conventional bombing by way of what the CIA refers to as “soft targets” around the country.

In the meantime, Americans remain in a constant state of fear, wondering if and when this horrific attack against this country will occur (and with no immediate solution as to what we as Americans can do to prepare ourselves against this deadly threat other than suffocating ourselves in our houses with duct tape and plastic sheeting). It would seem Americans can only sit back and witness yet another trial-and-error lesson learned by our government.

But for any of your readers who have long-term plans to live a little longer on this planet, I offer a solution. U.S. citizens can now apply for a joint citizenship visa to another country.

This is a foreign country passport (mostly valid throughout Europe) that enables American citizens the freedom to reside and work legally in Europe for an indefinite period without having to surrender their American passport or renounce their American citizenship.

Over this past year, I applied to the Irish consulate and obtained my Irish passport and joint citizenship. The application was quite lengthy and required I provide documentation in the form of birth, marriage and death certificates showing my family’s history dating back to a descendant who originated from Ireland and immigrated to the United States.

With this passport, I can now leave this country for a period of time should something so horrific and widescale occur in the form of a massive terrorist attack against this country. This would allow me to buy some time when the American government evaluates the situation and lets the American people know it is safe again to go on with their daily lives.

I am also thinking that, should something so horrific occur in this country, a number of Americans’ first gut instincts will be to empty their bank accounts. And second (for those with American passports) will be to get to their nearest international airport to leave the United States.

But with so many people attempting a mass emigration, U.S. passports will probably be denied as foreign countries will not want to accommodate so many homeless Americans.

On the other hand, those who can show proof of foreign citizenship will more than likely be free to come and go throughout Europe and the U.S. until it is safe to return to America permanently.

Just something to think about.

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