Jon Thomas: Time to move away from oil |

Jon Thomas: Time to move away from oil

Please excuse me if I am a bit ambivalent about the climate change debate, but it sure seems that the whole thing is a rabbit hole, few, including myself, have any business plunging into. First, the utter dishonesty to be found on both sides of a preposterously political issue (see Dr. Hertzberg’s assertions that virtually no scientists find merit in man-made warming, NOT TRUE!) that should be the purview of disinterested science and second, the utter incomprehensibility of the relevant data to all but a very few.

However, what should be clear to all of us is that our carbon-based resources are finite and that at some time they are going to become incredibly rare and expensive – and sooner or later they will be gone! Consider, petroleum is used in nearly every household item, that the bounty in our stores and pantries rely on petroleum-based fertilizers and consider how much of the stuff we just plain waste. Why do we waste so much time and money arguing about things that may be beyond human grasp instead of facing up to things any child can understand; a whole bunch of stuff minus a whole bunch of stuff equals zero!

Maybe this climate debate is our collective way of denying basic facts about our earth in which case our science and native born intelligence will only serve to add to a terrible ignorance. Or maybe we’ve subscribed to that other childish instinct; if we don’t get it, the Chinese will! There is no reason our country should not lead the world into what will undoubtedly be the future of economies, jobs and the well being of our children, global warming or not.

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