Jon Warnick: What the Census is for |

Jon Warnick: What the Census is for

Jon WarnickBlue River

It was interesting on page 11 of the Feb. 16 SDN to see an opinion piece about “Money & Politics” besides one on “Why filling out your Census form is good for Colorado.”The idea that Census is about counting people to allocate pork to states is not what the founding fathers intended. The Census was included in the Constitution to apportion seats in the House of Representatives. Until 1913, the House of Representatives grew with population growth. Each Representative was in a district of about 50,000 people and the people could reasonably influence their representative. We now have districts of over 700,000 people and the average person has no ability to influence their representative. While the people have been excluded, lobbyists and big money are in control because we capped the growth of the House of Representatives.The “Money & Politics” article discussed the recent Supreme Court ruling, too much money in politics, powerful lobbyists, and unconstitutional campaign finance laws. The article did not provide advice for durable Constitutional change. To limit the influence of lobbyists and money in politics, we can follow the advice of our founding fathers and allow the House of Representatives to grow with the population of the country. Learn more at a related idea, would we have more inclusive representation on the board of county commissioners with five or seven people instead of just three? Many of our towns have seven people to represent us. Why not increase the size of the BOCC while reducing their salaries to be spending neutral?

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