Jonathan Lerner: Defining the Tea Party |

Jonathan Lerner: Defining the Tea Party

Jonathan Lerner

A lot of you out there seem to fear the Tea Party. I’m not sure why really, except that somehow you must feel threatened by it. Trying to define the Tea Party is a difficult task, and it should be. It’s rough around the edges and it’s mostly not definable. The people who make up the Tea Party are from all races, all religions, all economic backgrounds, all ethnicities, and yes all parties. The one thing I can say is that they are finally frustrated with the size and direction of government – all governments, including state and local. They are tired of the large size and overwhelming control those governments have obtained over the decades. The Tea Party unites on the idea that we must take back control of what never should have gotten out of control in the first place. We as a people have become lazy at our jobs as citizens to monitor and maintain control over our elected officials. The blame belongs only to us who have let it get this bad. Now, we’ve had enough and the Tea Party represents the people who have decided to act, not violently but reasonably and fairly using the very means by which we were given in the beginning. Opinions about a lot of other things vary widely within the Tea Party and are amicably discussed. So, whether you liberals like it or not, the people you seek to control have now begun to speak up and limit the power you wish to wield over them. I see now why you must be afraid. The Tea Party is a great thing for this country. We citizens should become involved again in every aspect of government and do the job we are obligated to do.