Josh Cooley: A mess in Breck |

Josh Cooley: A mess in Breck

Josh Cooley

Recently I hiked up the empty slopes of Peak 9 at Breckenridge. The snow is receding along the edges of the woods revealing all the garbage left by visitors this season and likely previous seasons. Plastic bottles and bags, aluminum cans and countless other items remain buried under the snow waiting to be revealed as we head into summer. VR is intent on spending millions of dollars on developing Peak 6. Maybe VR should invest in improving what already exists first, including cleaning up all the trash left by its guests each winter. VR could create new jobs with clean-up crews who remove the debris during the summer months. Or is VR content to let the garbage remain in the woods, the streams, and the slopes? By letting the trash remain uncollected VR is not being a good steward of the land it uses to profit. C’mon VR, clean up the slopes.

Editor’s note: According to ski area spokeswoman Kristen Pettit, Breckenridge does an employee mountain clean up day each year, usually in June depending on snow melt, weather conditions, etc. In addition, grounds crew works on a daily basis to pick up trash around the base areas as it emerges when the snow melts.