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JT Coyote: A vote for Tom Tancredo

JT Coyote

This past year, 2008 Republican presidential candidate Tom Tancredo decided there is little real difference in the two major political parties. So, a while back he opted out of the Republicans and joined the only constitutional alternative to make a run for governor of the State of Colorado – namely, the Constitution Party. After reading his “to do” list as governor, his Contract with Colorado, I’m pleased to support his bid for the state’s highest office.

Tancredo, if elected will bring constitutional guidance to state government. He will initiate fact-based rationality as the foundation for a truly workable state energy policy. He will reduce the size of government, loosening the regulatory shackles on small farms and ranches, return local control to family-owned small businesses, out of the clutches of big government and corporate regulators that suck the very life out of our great entrepreneurial traditions. Tom’s platform promises Coloradans self-sufficiency options, effectively ending government’s unconstitutional meddling in our individual lives.

Tom will bring feasibility to the technology debate and usher in viable and functional crossover proposals that will separate the government- and media-foisted “green hyperbole” from the workable. He will work to return environmental control back to the people, whose prime interest is, and has always been, the organic health of the land and all it produces.

To labor under Democrat Hickenlooper, or a big party “controlled opposition” Republican Maes administration, will insure the job-generating free market will continue to whither under tax sucking “green welfare,” complete with DREAM Act style amnesty; expanding federal control over the state via unconstitutional federal mandates and restrictions, which are putting the great American free market to the wrecking ball.

Tom Tancredo will eliminate the sanctuary city and state concept now operating in Colorado. He will meet with other like-minded governors to pursue a real 10th Amendment solution to federal usurpation of constitutional state power. As seen in the Arizona law, a use of the 10th Amendment the Founders envisioned whenever the federal agency overstepped its bounds, or fails its responsibility, which it clearly has.

Tom Tancredo, a retired history teacher, has worked almost 40 years for the people of Colorado. I can personally attest to his 10th Amendment credentials while working together on the 10th amendment resolution passed through the Legislature in the mid ’90s. I often watched him on C-Span’s open mic night coverage, urging colleagues in the House of Representatives to join him in the constitutional fight against the federally engineered subterfuge that’s destroying our economy, our borders, our national sovereignty, our republic – the very beacon of liberty our forebears left for us to grow and vigilantly guard.

Tom’s political life began in the mid-1980s when he and a group of conservatives and Constitutionists, wrangled state power away from the big city boss-hog types. In every case Tom, has always been a proponent of a constitutional immigration policy with the Constitution and the liberty it guards, as his guide.

To have this man, Tom Tancredo in the executive office under the gold dome of the State Capitol in Denver, would be a feather in all of our caps. I can only pray that he clearly sees the evidence uncovered regarding the events leading to the war on terror, that point directly at the corporate power structure in Washington and the banking heads in Europe. President James Madison understood this score when he wrote; “If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.”

Please read Tom’s Contract with Colorado at http://www.tancredoforgovernor2010.org/

Summit County resident JT Coyote is an antique firearms expert, and writes for the free speech blog infowars.com. He can be reached at momsoldguns@yahoo.com

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