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Julie Biller: Follow the money in Frisco

Julie Biller

I attended the Frisco voters forum on the proposed charter amendment last Wednesday. I had a conversation with two local residents, one from the county (Breckenridge) that claimed money given to Families for Frisco was primarily from developers. I decided to get the facts and find out for myself.

There are two citizen groups involved in this vote. Friends of Frisco Open Space supports a yes vote. Families for Frisco supports a no vote. Monetary contributions are public record. The following is a breakdown of donations filed by both groups to the Town of Frisco, required by law.

Friends of Frisco Open Space received $4,100 dollars. Out of 13 donations, 4 were from registered Frisco voters, 9 were from the Denver area and one from out of state. Only 4 percent of the money was donated locally, the remaining 96 percent of funds were from second homeowners (non-registered voters) whose local address is listed as Mountainside Condos or own property within 2-3 blocks from the Peak One Parcel! Eighty-two percent (or $3,350) came from four donors who own units at Mountainside Condos.

Families for Frisco received $983. Eight of 12 are registered Frisco voters, three are Summit County residents and one is from Denver. Ninety-two percent of these contributions were donated from Summit County residents.

Folks, this is not a conversation about open space or voter rights as Friends of Frisco Open Space would have you believe. Adjacent to the Peak One parcel is millions of acres of National Forest land of available open space.

So you as a voter need to ask, why is there no financial support from our full-time locals for Friends of Frisco Open Space?

The Peak One parcel will provide housing to our local workers unable to purchase existing properties that have gotten so out of reach due to second-home ownership. Sixty-five percent of all Frisco homes are second homes.

Follow the money and expose the intent: It’s not about open space. Vote No on the proposed charter amendment.

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