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Julie Charneskie: Fact. vs. emotion

Dear Mr. Worth: After reading your letter I can see that you are passionate and believe what you wrote to be true, but let’s clear a few things up. President Obama is not a king. He won by a vast majority. He commanded 66,882,230 votes, 365 electoral votes, and a 53 percent majority.

You are right about one thing. The health care bill had many people upset during the year, but not completely for the reasons you inferred. Most of Obama’s supporters were upset that it did not go far enough to protect the people. Many are disappointed that this bill is so much like Mitt Romney’s health care reform bill; it does not fully represent its original intent. The polling during the year was misleading as many of President Obama’s supporters were pulling left as the bill was pulling right.

You are being told that we are turning into a Socialist country. It is true that some of our programs like Medicare and Social Security could be considered Socialist. However, most people rely on them and it makes a big difference in their lives. Would you be willing to give them up?

You mentioned that the U.S. Constitution is being ignored. In what way is it being ignored? Did you write a letter to the editor when illegal wire tapping was taking place during the last administration? Illegal wire tapping is a constitutional violation. That is a fact. I am not making a value judgment. I am simply stating a fact. Facts are usually things we use to form opinions. Other times, we use feelings and emotions to form our opinions. Both are legal and because we live in America, our constitutional right. My homeowner’s association rules are more intrusive than those of the federal government.

You mentioned a $1.6 trillion deficit. You forgot to mention one other fact: The previous administration took office with a budget surplus and yet left office with a $1.3 trillion deficit. Did you know that?

Here is another interesting fact: During another transformational time in our country’s history, people stood with signs at civil rights events, that said: “They don’t want equal rights, They want special rights.”

Ignoring the facts of what the civil rights movement was, and simply believing the rhetoric and lies, kept our country from moving in the right direction for a very long time. Maybe your rights are being infringed upon, but not by the media or the government. Maybe by people who are telling you what to think and believe?

Lastly, Europe is not failing. Europe is steadily recovering, like America.

I look forward to a stronger America each day. Anything can be achieved if we can all work together.

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