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Just waiting for Starsky and Hutch …

Before I even get started, let me just say that “Starsky and Hutch” premiers today. Tune in next Friday to see what Kimberly and I think of the hype.

That said, let’s get on with my review of “50 First Dates.”

I wish I could say that the hardest part about watching this movie was watching it at the Denver Pavilions, a monstrous megaplex found on Denver’s 16th Street Mall just around the corner and upstairs from the Denver Hard Rock Cafe.

With 15 cinemas buried in a handful of corridors spread across two floors, I had to negotiate four flights of escalators just to find the right theater.

Or maybe it was the reason I was in Denver in the first place – to take two days off from work and convalesce where the air is 15 percent thicker and slowly work this brutal cold out of my system that’s tearing my head and chest apart.

Nursing my way through a gallon of water and a half-gallon of orange juice at my best friend’s house in that time, I figured the DVDs could ventually give way to an actual movie theater when I felt better, hence my foray into downtown D-town before coming back up to altitude.

But no, the hardest part about watching “50 First Dates” was watching “50 First Dates.”

This movie is exactly what it purports to be – “The Wedding Singer” meets “Groundhog Day.”

Adam Sandler plays Henry Roth, a commitment-shy veterinarian who likes week-long trysts with the tourists who make it to where he lives and works – Hawaii.

Then he meets Lucy Whitmore, played by Drew Barrymore, who wakes up each morning thinking it’s Oct. 13, the day before a tragic car accident that ruins her short-term memory.

It’s then Roth’s challenge to work his way into Whitmore’s life each and every day, convincing the young woman to fall in love with him.

Sure, there were a couple of one-liners and punch lines that were funny, and seeing the vet assistant to Sandler’s Henry Roth get puked on by a walrus made me laugh out loud.

But aside from that, “50 First Dates” did a better job of making me sympathize with people who have experienced tragic car accidents than making me laugh.

… But this week is for romantics

Kimberly Nicoletti


Before I get started, let me say how wrong Richard’s lead sentence is – on so many levels.

First, it throws off all us hopeless romantics. Who cares about “Starsky and Hutch” when you’re reading a review on a romantic comedy. This is the third time he’s talked about “Starsky and Hutch” when he should be talking about the movie he just saw.

Second, it’s a shameless self-promotion.

Third, it disrupts my flow. Instead of jumping into my review of “50 First Dates,” I’m sucked into talking about “Starsky and Hutch.”

That said, whether you see “50 First Dates” in Denver or Dillon, it’s a fun romantic comedy.

Like most romantic comedies, it has its flaws, including two over-the-top supporting characters who do nothing to contribute to laughs and who do everything to increase the eye-rolling factor. Oh, and the walrus-puking scene fits right into the eye-rolling category.

The hardest hurdle for me to overcome involved

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