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Just who is brainwashed about what lubricates the war?

I must respond to Joann Sleadd’s April 17 letter in the Summit Daily News.

Can she really believe Summit Up staffers are brainwashed and she is not? Is she really so naive that she believes this is not an oil war? President Bush is an oil man and so is the vice president. George W. was elected governor of Texas and later U.S. president largely on his oil company connections and their money.

Do I think Hussein’s regime is tyrannical? You bet! Is it worse than the regime in North Korea? Definitely not.

Does Iraq pose a direct threat to the U.S? Only because American oil companies can’t sell Iraqi oil. (Please note the primary reason the Bush administration doesn’t want the U.N. controlling the new Iraqi government is that French and Russian oil companies might get involved.)

Does North Korea pose a direct threat to the U.S.? Of course. It has missiles that can reach our West Coast. Why are we fighting in Iraq and not North Korea? North Korea doesn’t have any oil.

What have the Summit Up staffers done that doesn’t support the United States? This is clearly the wrong war for the wrong reasons, and saying so does not support Mr. Hussein.

It does keep dialogue open. It does let Washington know there are intelligent people out here discussing administration actions that are not supported by everyone.

It lets Washington know intelligent people will not be brainwashed by administrative rhetoric and that we know what the war is really about.

 Travis Bennett

Blue River

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