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Justin McCarthy humbled by reaction to candidacy

Justin J. McCarthy, Baldy Mountain, Breckenridge

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank this wonderful community for all of its love and support through this election campaign. It was a fantastic experience to receive so much support for this race. I am deeply humbled.

Our race was a success. We awakened the hearts and minds of so many people of different backgrounds and brought them together. I know we brought many new people to the polls and empowered them to take part in their community.

I was honored by all of your participation and enthusiasm. We ran a positive race focused on the issues at a very grass-roots level. We used bamboo and recycled paper products. Our T-shirts and stickers used water-based inks.

We campaigned door to door, at the post offices, on the phones, at the coffee shops, through the support of small business, paper and radio ads, through the work places and even at the skate parks.

We brought representation to people who never had it before. We campaigned for the Frisco Peninsula Recreation Area and helped win that election. I am glad we also supported the Summit Housing Authority’s campaign to better house the Summit.

The Summit County Green Party has never been stronger. We have shown that you can be from any background or income level and make a difference. I know we brought attention to the needs of this community that have gone ignored for too long.

The people of Summit County are thirsty for justice, truth and real change. I want to say Gary Lindstrom is a gentleman and an honorable opponent. I thank you, sir. I will encourage and support you to represent the disenfranchised.

There are so many people to thank. I especially want to thank the following people and businesses: Doug Malkan, for his leadership, expertise, countless hours and friendship; Elizabeth, Ammondo and Ali Tovar for their friendship and support along with Ten Mile Title; All the folks at Grand Timber Lodge; Tom Castrigno, Deb Miller and the Summit Greens; Angus Morrison, Greg Davis, Ishiwa Baker, Jeremiah Worm and the skateboarding community; and Mary and the Butterhorn, Mila at Little Rags, Jim Just with Mountain Java and all the support from small business community.

Thank you Stacey Sebold, Courtney Jackson, Javier Placer, Hayley Hughes and all of our great friends; teacher and friend Joel Proctor; and fellow students and the Mystic Warrior School of Integrative Arts.

I want to thank our community warriors for standing up to injustice and speaking out: Halena and Jerry Lewis, Fred Hopson, Margaret Purnell and Charles Terrill. Thanks to all the great and supportive Summit County Government workers. Great thanks to all those out there who were a part of this campaign and voted.

“The world is not our facility

We have a responsibility

To use all our abilities

To keep this place alive”

– Fugazi

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