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Justin Schlosberg: Thoughts on EpicMix

Dear Vail Resorts:

I realize it’s probably too late for the 2010/2011 season, but next season could Vail consider taking into account ALL vertical feet recorded by the EpicMix system? When I’m home after a hard day on the mountain, I enjoy hopping on the ‘net and comparing my skiing numbers against others. Why not, it’s fun! But I realized that my vertical feet aren’t getting recorded anytime I ride UP the mountain: For example, up a jump, or sometimes I like to get a lot of speed and then do a U-turn and go up the hill as far as I can before I run out of momentum. Shouldn’t these vertical feet count? Maybe you don’t think it sounds like a big deal, but today I skied 54 vertical feet less than my buddy BooBoo and 41 feet less than Straight Tony. (Straight Tony never makes a turn, much to the chagrin of visiting families.) You might say “Who Cares?” but now I owe them each an Epic Burger, and if you think they’re cheap, well then I have a nice plot of swampland in Florida for you.

I don’t mind helping out BooBoo so much – he’s a ski instructor and doesn’t make a whole lot of dough. Easy to understand that he doesn’t want to spend his minimum wage (rough estimate) on cocoa and hour-old fries. Anyhow, like I said, I don’t mind hooking up BooBoo a little bit, it’s nice to see some flesh on that emaciated face of his, but Straight Tony is a whole different story. He’s a straight-skiing, cocky, trust-funder who keeps winning my money playing poker, and furthermore I think he’s dipping into my milk. I’m not sure, but all I know is I had two-thirds of a quart of 2 percent yesterday and today I have hardly enough to sufficiently cover my shredded wheat. Now I owe him an Epic Burger. So if you have the technology to seed the clouds, it reasons that you could fix up your EpicMix system so ALL of my vertical feet are recorded. OK, enough said.

Second, how about an incentive-to-ski program? I’m not talking about anything that’s going to break Vail’s bank. But let’s say I accumulate a million vertical feet, maybe you could swing me a $5 voucher at any one of Vail’s fine on-mountain cafeterias. What would that amount to? Perhaps the better part of a package of M and M’s. No big financial loss there. Just an idea. Chuck it around amongst the CEOs.

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