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Kate Lapham: Just a bad day on the Dam Road

Kate Lapham

I was also involved in the accidents Thursday afternoon on Dillon Dam Road, as was my roommate. She was in the first one, I was in the second. I would like to defend all parties involved in these accidents, those at fault, as well as those who were not. It is unfair to assume we were being careless drivers in adverse weather conditions. It is not right for a bystander to make judgments about the quality of our driving abilities when so many variables can be called into question. The dam that day was icy and visibility was very limited. On a narrow road, with railings on either side, room for error and room to avoid another car were extremely restricted. I guarantee that every driver involved adjusted his or her driving according to the unfavorable conditions and attempted in every way possible to avoid collision. However, we cannot always know the quality of our tires’ traction, the strength of our brakes, or the distance in which our cars will slide on ice. Whether a veteran or a novice driver on icy roads, a local of Summit County or a tourist, every driver can be subjected to uncontrollable conditions and fall prey to unpredictable accidents. Without the quick reactions of all drivers on Thursday, I truly believe the damages and injuries could have been far more devastating than what they were.

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