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Katherine F. Jeter: A peculiar kind of love

Katherine F. Jeter

I am flummoxed and disturbed by Meredith C. Carroll’s “Open Letter to Bob Costas,” (“Meredith Pro-Tem, Feb. 26 SDN) which she closed with, “Love (because if I didn’t love you, then I wouldn’t say anything).”

I hope that Mr. Costas’ clipping service does not find Ms. Carroll’s unprovoked and acerbic diatribe. Ms. Carroll acknowledges Mr. Costas’ kindness to her and her guests when she was a young page at NBC. And she would return such gracious consideration with sarcasm and criticism 14 years later? The Bible says that love is kind. Love is not rude. It is not self-seeking. It always protects. (1 Corinthians, Chapter 13.) George Herbert wrote in his poem, “Love bade me welcome.” Ms. Carroll’s sniping doesn’t resemble the love described in either of these writings. Her brash verbal attack could not have emanated from love. It is devoid of respect and decorum.

Why would someone write such a mean-spirited letter and say it was written with love? Love is a verb. Love articulated affirms, edifies, and bolsters. I cannot imagine what caused her to feel spiteful enough to express such sentiments to anyone, let alone a hard-working fellow journalist who had once extended exceptional courtesy to her. It would have made my stomach queasy to construct such a missive. Would Ms. Carroll’s love letter have been welcomed by Mr. Costas? You only should write to people what you would feel comfortable saying to them face to face.

Ms. Carroll looks young in the picture that accompanies her column. She sounded very much younger in the sentiments she expressed and the verbiage she used. I hope that her heart tenders with age and maturity and that one day she will acquire the language of love to enrich her professional and personal life.

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