Keep control of your dogs |

Keep control of your dogs

Tate NeilBreckenridge

On Thursday, Feb. 24th, I was having a stressful day and decided to take a break by taking my 2-year-old son to Carter Park for some casual sledding.We arrived at the park and took one quick sled run when – BOOM. From out of nowhere I was completely knocked flat by a charging dog. There was no “heads up!” or “sorry” coming from across the park. In fact everyone around there acted as if this was an everyday occurrence. No problem, these things do happen. I was just glad it was not my 2-year-old that was plowed into. There would have been broken bones involved. This was a big dog running at full speed because the dog’s owner had thrown a ball directly over my head. I just shook it off and proceeded to pull my son leisurely around the park. My son then got off of his sled, and as we were walking back toward the sledding hill – BOOM. Two large dogs knocked my son down into the snow and began nipping at his face. We yelled and pushed the dogs away and looked around for someone to discipline them or at least take responsibility. Again, no sign of anyone who was the least bit concerned.My question is this: Am I just supposed to expect this type of thing to happen at a public park? Is there some kind of “secret” protocol that says that dogs can just run in packs there with impunity?I can see it already. Dog owners with their back hair raised saying, “If you don’t want your son plowed over you shouldn’t bring him to that park.” That is wrong. I am not after any kind of dog ban from Carter Park. What I am after is the responsibility that goes along with the privilege of having a place like Carter Park for your dog. This is not a dog park paid for by dog taxes.Please at least watch where you throw your ball, and if your dogs knock children down and nip at their face, please at least let them know that is wrong. At the very least take some responsibility for the behavior of your dog in a public place.

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