Keeping Frisco parade dry was the right decision |

Keeping Frisco parade dry was the right decision

In response to the July 11 letter wishing Super Soakers were still allowed in the Frisco Fourth of July parade: I am a 34-year resident, homeowner and business owner in Silverthorne. Frisco parades are great.

The letter-writer who wants Super Soakers can go to Breckenridge.

I was riding in the parade on a float. There were 12 people who put in three to four hours each its creation, so that totals about 36 man-hours for a 30-minute ride down Main Street.

Granted, a little water would have felt nice but would have destroyed the float. The kids and older women on the float would not have appreciated the drenching.

There are some people who can’t distinguish between a float get wet and one that would be totally ruined, along with the work that went into it.

I was a spectator last year and go very wet and did not appreciate the way some of the people were squirting everything with those big power soakers that should be used on Lake Powell, not on a parade. As I looked over the crowd in my big truck, i was overwhelmed at the people who were there – you couldn’t even see Main Street.

I believe the town of Frisco made a wise choice in not having the mayhem it had last year. Parades are for the kids and candy, not to have their crepe paper bicycles and the fancy old cars soaked.

Vicki Cook


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