Keeping your canine cool quiz |

Keeping your canine cool quiz

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SUMMIT COUNTY ” Bringing out the sunscreen, ball caps and bottled water may mean summertime protection for humans, but pet safety when the temperatures rise is a little different.

According to the American Humane Association, hot weather can bring serious health and safety hazards for furry friends, including heat stroke.

So High Country pet owners, break out your trusty Number 2 pencils, and test your knowledge of how to keep your dogs, cats and even parrots safe this summer.

1) How long is it okay to leave a pet alone in a parked car on a hot day?

a) Not even for a minute

b) A few hours

c) One hour

2) Which of the following is not a symptom of heatstroke in a pet?

a) Excessive panting

b) Depression

c) Rolling over

3) Which of the following is not a way to relieve pets from the heat?

a) spraying them with water

b) giving them peanut butter

c) getting them out of the sun

4) How can you keep your four-legged (or two-winged) companions hydrated this summer?

a) Keep plenty of beer in the house

b) Provide them a bowl of fresh, clean water

c) Just leave the toilet seat up

5) What can owners do to ensure that Fido or Fluffy can keep cool when they’re outside?

a) Ensure they have access to shade outside, like a doghouse

b) Tape ice cubes to their fur

c) Ice cream, lots of ice cream

Answers: 1) a 2) c 3) b 4) b 5) a

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