Ken Gansmann: Ethanol in fuel is a rip-off |

Ken Gansmann: Ethanol in fuel is a rip-off

Ken Gansmann
Petroleum company executive

There are some well-known but little-published facts about the fuels we use to move our vehicles.

Diesel fuel is much more environmentally safe than gasoline. It costs less to produce and is about 15 percent more efficient than gasoline. It also provides engines with more torque to help us here in the mountains climb hills more efficiently.

All gasoline is now mandated to contain up to 10 percent ethanol. Ethanol yields about 30 percent less energy per gallon than straight gasoline, so the mileage per gallon in engines drops significantly when mixed with gasoline.

It takes some 1,700 gallons of water to produce one (1) gallon of ethanol. Ethanol producers get a 50-cents per gallon government subsidy to produce ethanol. Government puts a 50-cents per gallon tax on any imported ethanol. All these things raise the price of corn-generated food items, which is a huge consumption tax on all of us.

If you ever wonder why our governments (federal and state) like ethanol in fuels that give us approximately 30 percent less miles per gallon, review the following:

CO Gasoline Tax = $0.404/Gal.; Fed. Tax = $0.184/Gal.; Total Tax = $0.588/Gal.

CO Diesel Tax = $0.449/Gal.; Fed. Tax = $0.184/Gal.; Total Tax = $0.633/Gal.

Alaska has the lowest state gasoline tax at $0.264/Gal. and $0.324/Gal. for diesel fuel. Illinois has the highest gasoline tax at $0.519/Gal. and $0.657/Gal. for diesel fuel.

We all should get mad as hell at our federal and state governments for this rip-off of the U. S. public consumers of fuel. I suggest you send this article on to your Colorado U. S. state representatives and senators and ask them why they continue to support the use of ethanol in our fuels.

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