Ken Gansmann: Immigration – Legal & Illegal |

Ken Gansmann: Immigration – Legal & Illegal

Mainstream U.S. citizens are very accepting and tolerant people. A very large majority of main-stream, tax-paying U.S. citizens would welcome “legal” immigrants.However, they also recognize that the “illegal immigrants” crossing our southern border from Mexico, many other Central American countries and, yes, even terrorists from the Middle East, place tremendous financial stress on our education, food assistance, health care and housing systems. So how does the U.S. deal with this illegal immigration problem? They are overwhelmed by taxes today and looking at increased taxes going forward.One major question we U.S. tax-paying citizens must ask ourselves is: If tomorrow, we gave every illegal immigrant now in the U.S. 100 percent amnesty, what is our plan to stop the flow of illegal immigrants going forward?Our border with Canada is virtually secure against illegal immigrants; Texas (its border covers more than 50 percent of the U.S. border with Mexico) is also very secure. That leaves just three U.S. states with unsecured borders with Mexico. If Canada and Texas are doing excellent jobs of securing their borders, shouldn’t our federal elected officials be able to secure the borders of Arizona, California and New Mexico? Why the big fuss?Here is just one man’s unique thought to help slow or stop the illegal immigration through our southern borders: Ask all illegal immigrants now in the U.S. to come forward and confess they are here illegally. Those that step up should not only be congratulated and listened to, but given a fast-track path in the process to U.S. citizenship. Another solution is to quit making automatic U.S. citizens of children born here of illegal immigrants. Another is to use the border-protection processes of Canada and Texas in Arizona, California and New Mexico. I am sure that many of you can come up with other potential solutions.We welcome legal immigrants, but we should not let politicians get involved in the U.S. illegal immigration issue confronting us today. It is many mainstream, tax-paying U.S. citizen’s fear that our current president will exercise his executive privilege, and with one stroke of his pen grant amnesty to all the illegal immigrants now in the U.S. for the sole purpose of trying to get them to vote for his agenda going forward.Remember, even Middle Eastern terrorists who really don’t like us are coming into the U.S. through the Mexico-U.S. border. Let’s us main-stream, tax-paying citizens collectively come up with some common-sense solutions to our illegal immigration problem and keep it out of our politicians’ hands before it gets totally out of control.

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