Ken Worth: Down with Obama |

Ken Worth: Down with Obama

Ken Worth

Barack Obama has to go. Anyone who lived through the Great Depression, as I did, must remember things that helped form their opinions and outlooks for the rest of their lives.

I remember riding to school on a bus (not a school bus, but a Mass. Street Rail way bus (35 cent fare). No one could afford school buses. When the bus passed city hall on Monday morning, there were at least 200 people standing in line for food handouts. Brockton was a shoe factory town, and when the Depression was in full swing, 16 of those factories closed, and they laid off workers. People had to watch every penny or they could not survive. My dad bought two beat-up bicycles for my brother and I and had them painted in the shop where he worked (at no cost to him). We had to stretch frugality to the limit. There were no credit cards to overextend, and be bailed out by the government, no food stamps financed by your fellow taxpayers. No “cash for clunkers,” no bailout on the mortgage you negotiated, that you knew you could not pay for. So where are we now?

We have a government (president) that is spending money at a rate never before seen in America, a rate that is unsustainable in my Depression-trained mind. Obama doesn’t just want to continue spending we do not have; he wants to increase borrowing and spending. This country cannot pay off what we owe in our lifetimes, but he wants to put our children and our children’s children in debt. This is good-bye to America as we know it. This once-great country would go the way of Greece, and American greatness would be but a memory. (I really believe that is what Obama would like to see happen.)

The time has come to stop patting ourselves on the back for electing a person with black skin (and never really considering his real qualifications and experience). The time has come (maybe too late) to dump this socialist we elected and look for someone who (might) be able to pull us out of the sewer. I am neither Democrat nor Republican, so I believe that we should ignore party politics, perhaps ignore politics completely because that seems to be the route that got us where we are now, and look at the man/woman and his/her personal philosophy and lifestyle before we consider the politics.

Is there such a person? I admit that I do not know, but there has to be someone better than Obama. We cannot carry on like this. Think about it.

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