Ken Worth: Our corrupt government |

Ken Worth: Our corrupt government

Ken Worth

Dear Ms. Charneskie: I have neither a D nor an R after my name when I vote, so if you are a member of either party, I have no political bone to pick with you as a person. I just wonder if either political party thinks. Partyism stinks by forcing members to place the party before the person.

Of course Obama is not a king, but you must admit that there some striking parallels. King George inflicted taxes upon the colony that we could not sustain – hence, the American Revolution. Africa is replete with tyrants who were elected but found ways to remain in wicked power.

I am not being told that we are morphing into a socialist country. I am observing that transformation with my own eyes and ears. I was taught as a child that I must make my way in life with my own hands and my mind and I believe I have always done that. I am a child of the Great Depression and lived though it with my family. Americans of that era lived through the Depression and survived. That was one of the great strengths of our people that made America a country to admire. We were self-dependent and conservative and looked out for ourselves. We are now rapidly becoming dependent upon a government that is not responding to the majority. Surely a violation of the Constitution.

There are serious questions regarding Obama’s Constitutional right to the presidency that the left refuses to address. In their mad stampede to elect a black man (proof that they are not racists) they chose a man who had virtually no experience. I am not a racist and have no objections to a black president, but I have many objections to this man. His background was involved with community organizing (another word for this is lobbying).

Yes, I knew that Bush’s deficit was $1.3 trillion and I also knew that we could never pay for it. It is now $1.6 trillion and climbing, and neither us nor our offspring will ever be able to erase it. Oh, it will be transferred, covered up, incorporated into some other program by political fiscal maneuvering so that it is not obvious, but it will still be there to be passed on to the generation after the next.

No political party wants or needs me because they are corrupt and I do not take corruption lightly, and will not join any organization I deem corrupt. I take words spoken by a candidate seriously. When he preaches transparency I expect to see it. I don’t. When he says that one of his first actions will be to close Guantanamo, I expect him to do it. He has not. When he said he will pull our troops from the Middle East, he lied. They are still there. Some people I know say that this is all part of the political process and that I should just ignore it. I cannot. I will not let people tell me what to think and believe because that would be lying to myself. I have to believe in my own heart and mind that what I think and believe is right, and I do.

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