Kenneth Worth: The age of King Obama |

Kenneth Worth: The age of King Obama

Kenneth Worth

Well folks, is 1776 back again? The difference being that it is not King George, but rather King Obama.

The difference is that you (not me) elected this one, and he has succeeded in passing a bill that, from what I understand, was not wanted by the majority of the American people. He has increase the size of the government and put us and our offspring in dire debt for the unforeseeable future. This is not the kind of hope and change we expected from this president, not to mention the senators and representatives we sent to Washington. I wonder how much a U.S. treasury note is worth now.

It is not the bill that bothers me so much, but the tactics used to get it passed. Chicago political tactics have take over Capitol Hill. Bribery, threats and payoffs are all part of the political process now, and they don’t even attempt to disguise it. After all, they are dealing with “Astroturf”; people who have brains made of artificial grass; people who have opinions that do not matter and should not be considered.

The U.S. Constitution is being ignored; the Constitution that allowed Americans to create the greatest country on the planet; a country admired by just about every nation on earth; a country where people have given up their homes, birthrights, and sometimes fortunes to live in. We are becoming the same as the rest. American individuality is the thing of the past thanks to the president’s desire to “change” us. If you cannot see by this time that the “change” is from a democratic society, to a society dominated by a leader who believes in the doctrine of Marx. People cannot be governed.

Our founders believed in self-government, and they devised a system that did not depend on a ruler who governed by birthright, but relied on the wisdom of the people to decide what was right for them and to elect people to represent them in a congress. This system has worked wonderfully well until Mr. Obama moved to change it to a socialist system, handcuffed by a $1.6 trillion nightmare. Anyone who has managed a household budget knows that this is an impossible debt and probably signals the end of American power and accomplishment. Hello failing Europe.

Mrs. Pelosi’s statement that we “have to pass this bill to know what’s in it” says it all.

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