Kent McGrew: Our national forest, not your national forest |

Kent McGrew: Our national forest, not your national forest

Kent McGrew, Frisco
SCORR Vice Chairman

The letter Jay Weinstein wrote in the SDN published on Feb. 4 indicates that OHVs are not an acceptable use for our National Forest. Our National Forest is managed for all the people, not just some of the people. I have been working with local, state and federal land management resources for many years. I may not agree with them, but to imply that they do not have honesty and dignity is completely unacceptable.

Yes, Summit Off-Road Riders is encouraging our members to voice their opinion to various government officials. SCORR members submitted comments on the Travel Management Plan to the U.S. Forest Service during public comment period. Two SCORR board members attended the Summit County commissioners meeting concerning the county’s comments on the Travel Management Plan. As recently as May 2008 we had written support for the Tenderfoot Mountain project from Summit County.

SCORR has never projected percentage of Tenderfoot Mountain OHV users who will be SCORR members. As a promoter of responsible OHV use, we will attempt to sign up as many Tenderfoot Mountain OHV users as possible.

Thunder Valley (C-470/I-70) is a world-class motocross facility that annually holds a top motocross event, bringing millions of dollars and the national spotlight on Colorado. A massive amount of money is spent on maintaining and improving that facility. Comparing a professional motocross track capable of hosting a sanctioned National Motocross race to single-track motorcycle trails in the National Forest is like comparing the state fairgrounds to your neighborhood park.

No matter how may times Jay Weinstein says it, this project is not a “taxpayer” funded project. The funds raised for this project will come from OHV user fees, so this is our OHV money and not your taxes.

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