Kerry is more honorable than Bush |

Kerry is more honorable than Bush

Eric CollierSilverthorne

Some Vietnam veterans are expressing outrage over John Kerry’s post-service anti-war activities, some even claiming that his statements were used to inflict further torture and humiliation on POW’s.Even if true, an essential fact remains: The Vietnam War was a mismanaged disaster based on a political lie, and everyone of good judgment and conscience who saw it that way was honor-bound to protest it in any way they could. Not everyone who did was patriotically motivated – many were also self-proclaimed subversives. But is it supposed to be patriotic to support or keep quiet about a war that is unjustifiable and ruinous to the country, in which so many of its young men are dying for nothing? The same applies to the present conflict. John Kerry didn’t send all those men to the hell of Vietnam for nothing – Lyndon Johnson did. John Kerry didn’t send our troops to kill and die in Iraq for nothing. George Bush did.Kerry’s allegations that some American troops committed atrocities were founded. Some American troops did commit atrocities. (He never said all of them did.) All sides in all wars commit atrocities. This is just one of the human realities of war that Americans didn’t want to confront. But they had to know. The same applies to Abu Ghraib.Kerry did the most honorable thing possible in Vietnam – he served, then protested. George Bush did the least honorable thing – he enthusiastically endorsed the war, but hid in the National Guard. Whether he had strings pulled for him or not, he could have volunteered for Vietnam and fought there. He had “other priorities.”

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