Kerry’s record on national security is not slanderous material |

Kerry’s record on national security is not slanderous material

It has probably not escaped the notice of the independent voters of Summit County that in addition to John Kerry’s flip-flopping his position on many key issues, he now considers it slanderous for anyone to report the facts or comment on his senatorial voting record and positions on national defense.But the facts are there and on the public record. He did vote against more than 30 critical weapons which have subsequently proven to be invaluable to our armed forces. He did vote to reduce our intelligence agency budgets and restrict their intelligence gathering methods during the 1990s at a time when terrorism was clearly on the rise. He did have a very poor record of attendance at his own Senate Intelligence Committee meetings prior to and after 9/11 when, according to the 9/11 Commission Report, congressional oversight of our intelligence system was grossly lacking. He did vote to authorize military force against Iraq and then voted against the money to support our troops once they were in harm’s way. Kerry is a tax-paid public servant and every citizen has a right and duty to examine and evaluate his performance, especially now that he offers himself to be president, commander in chief and defender of our nation’s freedom. However, Kerry wishes to obscure legitimate critique of his senatorial record on defense by labeling this scrutiny as “slanderous attacks.”His own attitude and behavior in this regard only raises the greater question of his personal integrity and, therefore, fitness to be president.

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