Kerry’s war record is one of honorand his antiwar activities did no dishonor |

Kerry’s war record is one of honorand his antiwar activities did no dishonor

Although I am reluctant to further more debate on this subject, the Sept. 9 letter by Kent W. Lattig, expressing his concerns over John Kerry’s antiwar activities, deserves a reply.The memories of the Vietnam War are not good ones for most of us who remember that era. Most would say that was not a “good” war for America. This does not dishonor the service of those, like Mr. Lattig and Mr. Kerry, who fought in Vietnam and sacrificed for their country.There was also no dishonor to his country in Kerry’s protests against the war when he came home; to the contrary, he honored our civic right and responsibility to participate in the process of self-governance, and he did what he thought was right for his country at the time.With specific regard to his controversial testimony, the sad truth is that it is well documented that atrocities did occur.Many, many people, including myself, have talked to other vets, besides Kerry, who have recounted similar gruesome, wartime actions. His antiwar position was on solid ground.It is completely understandable however that some with a record of military service would consider Kerry’s efforts dishonorable. Strictly from a military perspective, that may seem to make sense. But, and perhaps, this is what those who have so much anger at Kerry are missing, service to the country comes before service to the military. The military exists to serve the country, not the other way around. If a citizen’s actions are for the greater good of his countrymen, even though they may be disturbing to the military, then he is justified, and some would say honorbound, in pursuing them.Combined with his two tours of duty, Kerry’s record of service and involvement during that time of national crisis is, by almost any measure, actually much more honorable than that of his opponent, if one wants to compare such things. There are many more important things now to address than this, however.

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