Kevin Esposito: It’s my land, too |

Kevin Esposito: It’s my land, too

Kevin Esposito
Breckenridge, CO Colorado

After reading the opinion letters of Ms. Houdek and Mr. Weinstein I knew a response was in order. Here we go again typical liberal Summit County residents that know what’s best for everybody, no discussion necessary. Houdek’s response to any motorized use on public lands is, “no never.” Do you understand what public means, Ms. Houdek? It means that we are all entitled to its use and are responsible for its protection. I’m very happy Ms. Houdek is able to give herself a big pat on the back after a day of leaving no carbon footprint. Oh by the way Ms. Houdek, did you take a shower this morning with hot water, there’s a carbon footprint; did you get in you car and drive to work this morning? Oh, there’s a little more footprint, Was your house warm this morning? Can you say hypocrisy? This argument, in my opinion, is a microcosm of what is wrong with America and more precisely Americans. Typical liberals brainwashed by the liberals they elect trying to tell everybody how they should live. This is my public land also, Ms. Houdek. It’s not just for you and your liberal non-carbon footprint-producing buddies to use and tell others to get lost. There are a million acres in Summit County you can walk on and never see a motorized vehicle. I know you guys like to walk near the dump, but there are actually better places for a walk.

This is a scary time for conservatives in America, and all of us on the right need to be vigilant to protect our freedoms. Do Ms. Houdek and Mr. Weinstein have an idea of how to replace the large amount of income the state wildlife department will lose if we ban motorized vehicles everywhere like our liberal “friends” would like. Almost 100 percent of their funding comes from off-road tags and hunting licenses, especially out of state hunting licenses. Do you think hunters are going to come from out of state if they cant use their ATV’s?

I would like to conclude by saying that that 99 percent of OHV riders are extremely environmentally conscious and follow all the rules of the trail. There will always be a few bad apples just like the mountain bikers who are out on the trail to early in the spring. There is plenty of room in this county for all of us to have our space.

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