Kevin Rodden: Frisco’s ‘Seniorized Yuppyville’ |

Kevin Rodden: Frisco’s ‘Seniorized Yuppyville’

My wife and I attended the April 1 session on the “Right to Vote” amendment to the Frisco town charter. For my wife and I, the most indicative moment of the evening came in an unintended aside during the meeting. In responding to a question from the audience, which was in effect that wouldn’t building more affordable housing, such as proposed for the Peak One parcel, drive property values down, Rob Murphy, to whom the moderator of the session directed the question, responded, while property sales were down in Frisco and overall Summit County, prices have not come down (based on recent discussions my wife and I have had with several Realtors and bankers, this is correct). However, a woman (who was obviously for the amendment), sitting next to my wife, blurted out loudly enough for those of us near her to hear, that Rob Murphy’s response was incorrect and that a friend of hers had had to lower the price on her house by $400k to be able to sell it. My wife asked the woman, sardonically, did that mean the price had come down to $1.5M?

My point would have been that she’s as detached from the reality (in her case with regards to the affordable housing issue) of the average, hardworking American as the Wall Street bonus-takers. The $400,000 her friend whined about having to come down would be the top end of the entire purchase price of affordable houses in the county, and in many cases more than twice the purchase price of affordable houses. She presumably was from the same school of thought as the gentleman whose memorable anti-affordable housing screed appeared in a letter to the editor of the Summit Daily a couple months ago. His most infamous line was to the effect that why all the fuss about building affordable housing for a bunch of underachievers (presumably including teachers, firemen, policemen, resort workers, etc.).

His letter (and her blurt) let the cat out of the bag: The “elites” in Frisco really don’t want to associate with lower-class underachievers (although the latter are welcome to live outside Frisco, and come into town to provide their services). The “elites” vision of Frisco is that of a Seniorized Yuppyville, from which ordinary, hardworking folks should be excluded, except to provide services to the “elites.”

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